I have to agree with you David B. Grinberg. I could be wrong as well but the last 3 or more articles I wrote about Mental health and Physical health were fairly well written with quite a bit of relatable information, so I thought?

My last 3–4 articles didn’t make ONE category I tagged, not even Mental Health which I’ve been a top writer for? Maybe my writing isn’t that great and it was due to being a new member as you stated. I was on a roll when the incentive was a bit higher. I didn’t make a ton of money but it’s almost a slap in the face to receive under 10.00 when my articles are still being retweeted a lot, and still getting quite a few claps.

I wish they would explain the program better and I would love to see some Editors names listed that we could contact when we feel we have an article that could benefit many?

Writer with a personal interest in Mental Health & Wellness. Writing with a mission: End the labels. Photography is my hobby, life is my passion.

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