Silence like a cancer grows~ Simon & Garfunkel

It’s been a while since I’ve written on a regular basis. This entire year feels like it’s been a cluster fuck.

I’m not sure how many people suffer from Dysthymia- a “persistent depressive disorder which is a continuous long term (chronic) form of depression.” I have suffered from it for years and I used to think, well… that’s just who I am, “a procrastinator who can’t seem to pull it together for more than a month or two at a time.” This became my mental norm years ago even though I had…

Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder? Many do and they begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel sometime in March, knowing spring is around the corner.

Many people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder hang on to one thing, spring… yes, spring! How people mentally deal with SAD may differ. But, one thing many have in common is knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel once spring arrives.

This year was different, actually to those who suffer from SAD, generalized anxiety and/or depression received multiple doses of “well, that’s just…

Many times others stories can inspire you to dig deeper within yourself and metamorphosis can take place, even if it’s temporary- keep a mental or written journal.

Many of the articles I write are Retweeted on Twitter over and over. It’s always refreshing when I receive comments online because I know my article was actually read AND, these same people people who leave comments can be our teachers or we can share information about our anxiety and/or depression, even if the circumstances differ.

Recently, someone tweeted to me that they are thankful for my articles because not only can they…

Most people welcome the morning sunlight beaming into their room. A small percentage of people dread the sunlight and will take measures to make sure their room is dark both day and night.

Do you remember when you were young and as soon as the sun began to lighten up your bedroom you jumped out of bed? I remember those days and miss them so!

Do you ask yourself what happened to the person I used to know, the person who looked forward to the day, that person who was planning their day the night before and couldn’t wait to…

Did you ever wake up one day and realize it’s been a week or more since you experienced chronic anxiety or a panic attack?

Tonight I shed a lot of tears. I was doing a bit of reflection and realized there was a time when I felt a glimmer of hope because I had been free from the chains of chronic anxiety along with panic attacks for weeks at a time in my 40’s. I thought possibly my anxiety was dissipating. I was wrong.

Once I hit menopause, it seems my generalized anxiety became not only a visitor but a…

I wrote this letter while you were still alive, I never had the nerve to share it with you because you didn’t want to talk about death and dying. You were focused on living. I have regrets that I never shared this but something tells me, you would not have been ready to read it.

Dear Mom,
You brought me into this world out of love.
One day you will leave this world & I will have to find peace in knowing the deep love we shared. No one can ever take that from my heart.
You were strong for me so many…

It was a bitter and stormy winter evening when 6 month old Wendy was found unconscious in her play pen by her mom.

When I arrived in the Emergency room because I received a stat page, I saw a beautiful 6 month old baby lying on the gurney unconscious. Wendy’s parents were at her bedside. Wendy’s mom was pacing and as a mother of an infant myself, my heart broke for her.

The Emergency room paged Respiratory Therapy as a precaution because they had no clue why little Wendy wasn’t responding. The nurses were told that Wendy had been sick…

I had been suffering from Vertigo for months. I had been to a few Doctors and received the same diagnosis. I decided to go to back to my Family Doctor who I hadn’t seen since it began. His mannerisms and stoic look scared me, I knew something was seriously wrong… or shall I say, I assumed?

I was prone to frequent ear infections when I was in my 20’s. It wasn’t uncommon for me to develop dizziness and/or vertigo with my earaches (infections). But, the dizziness and vertigo always went away in less than 24 hours after I saw the…

In May of 1980 it was a bright, sunny day and I was at work. I kept wishing I could just leave, that was until I received a stat page to the Emergency room.

I was working in Respiratory Therapy at the time and over the intercom I heard, “Respiratory Therapy, ER Stat!” When a stat page went out, you ran and that I did.

Whenever we got paged to the Emergency room Stat, the adrenaline would rise immediately. You never knew what you were going to be facing once you arrived. …

She had mental health issues and her family felt angry with her. It didn’t help that those she sought help from treated her in a similar fashion, they felt she was a hypochondriac. Over time many people treated her like a nuisance, not a human being with serious needs.

When I worked in Health Care Susan was a frequent patient, always very quiet and seemed naively kind.

Susan suffered from Major Depression and also had health issues, when I met Susan I was a Nurse’s Aide. Susan would end up on the floor I was a regular on almost monthly…

Lisa Gallagher

Writer with a personal interest in Mental Health & Wellness. Writing with a mission: End the labels. Photography is my hobby, life is my passion.

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